Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

Youth Services

Youth Services manages a comprehensive network of specialty substance use disorders (SUD) treatment providers focusing on services provided to youth ages 12-17 who are eligible for services under Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) or other County-funded programs. Throughout Los Angeles County, the network of youth SUD treatment providers consists of approximately 40 DMC-certified locations capable of delivering a continuum of developmentally and culturally appropriate evidence-based services including early intervention, outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential services as well as access to recovery support services and medication for addiction treatment services.

Early intervention services target youth who do not meet diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder but are at risk of, or who have initiated or experimented with substances and are at risk of developing substance-related negative behaviors and or problems. Treatment services serve youth ages 12 through 17, and up through 20 as clinically appropriate, whose alcohol and/or drug use has escalated to substance abuse or dependence. Recovery support services serve those youth who are abstaining from alcohol and drug use, and/or who are transitioning from treatment, that require additional support to prevent relapse. SUD services and treatment options are individualized based on a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the patient’s needs and substance use history.

While treatment plans are tailored to the specific needs of each youth, all patients have access to a comprehensive set of services including individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, patient education services, as well as access to extracurricular activities and enrichment programs. Care coordination and case management services are available to help link youth to other supportive services such as education, employment, housing, and other community-based programs.

  • Youth Enhancement Services (YES) Pilot
    The Youth Enhancement Services (YES) program is a collaborative pilot project between the Los Angeles County Department of Probation and the Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (DPH-SAPC). The goal of the YES program is to increase the retention and engagement of youth receiving treatment services. The YES pilot enhances the youth beneficiary package by reimbursing DPH-SAPC youth-contracted SUD treatment providers for services that are not covered under Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) including: Outreach and Engagement Services, Early Intervention, Positive Youth Development Program, and transportation services for patients in outpatient treatment.
  • Client Engagement and Navigation Services (CENS)
    The Client Engagement and Navigation Services (CENS) for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth and Young Adults facilitates access to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services among youth and young adults at Juvenile Halls and upon returning to the general community. CENS services include SUD screening, early intervention services, patient education, care coordination, and collateral services.
  • JJCPA SUD Treatment (Schiff Cardenas)
    In collaboration with Los Angeles County Probation Department, the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) Schiff Cardenas supports the non-DMC funded portion of SUD treatment services for youth on probation as well as the full cost of SUD treatment services for eligible youth not covered under DMC.
  • Early Intervention Services (Youth At Risk)
    The Youth At-Risk Program addresses early substance use risk issues among youth populations in Los Angeles County. The Youth At-Risk program aims to increase workforce knowledge about youth development and enhance early intervention services through the delivery of an evidence-based early intervention curriculum being developed in collaboration with Azusa Pacific University.

    The Youth At-Risk Curriculum is designed as an effective tool in working with youth who do not meet the criteria for a substance use disorder but are at high risk of developing a SUD. The curriculum addresses a wide range of early substance use risk issues and topics including: raising critical thinking, building self-regulation skills, establishing healthy relationships, and developing community connections.
  • System of Care Trainings for Youth
    Youth-Specific Clinical Trainings Learning Management System
    The System of Care Training for Youth is a series of trainings aimed at equipping behavioral health professionals, substance use counselors, and service providers in Los Angeles County with tools and knowledge on issues surrounding youth substance use and treatment. Participants may access the trainings on their own time through a Learning Management System at Continuing Education (CE) credits are available for qualified individuals. 
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