Substance Abuse Prevention and Control SASH Number 1.888.804.7500

Network Providers

Substance Use Services and COVID-19

Information and resources on responding to this public health emergency, relevant forms and documents, SAPCs COVID-19 related meetings, as well as webinars and other training materials
Provider Prevention

Here you will find information about prevention for providers

Expectations and requirements of substance use disorder network providers, including clinical and business standards, policies and procedures, and essential forms
Prevention Providers

Here you will find information about prevention for providers
Treatment Providers

Here you will find information about treatment for providers
Training Resources

Tools and resources available to support substance use disorder providers in building and maintaining an effective workforce and business, and achieving patient outcomes
Stakeholder Collaboration & Engagement

Opportunities to contribute to the development and refinement of the system of care, and learn what occurred in previous workgroup meetings
Provider Meetings, Bulletins, Briefs & Factsheets

Information on contract updates and changes of the County, State and Federal levels, and other documents that outline programmatic, financial, information technology and contracting changes and requirements
Contract Updates, Requests, and Inquiries

Electric submission of documents and change requests related to the SAPC substance use disorder contract and contacting SAPC representatives
Research, Trends and Data Reports

New research and resources on substance use disorder treatment best practices, and local data on substance use, service utilization and patient outcomes
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