Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

DUI / PC 1000


The Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program provides and supports services that help individuals convicted of a DUI offense to satisfy their legal and Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) obligations. The overall objective of the DUI Program is to decrease the incidence of impaired driving, prevent recidivism, and increase public safety. In some Los Angeles Superior Courts, convicted DUI offenders can receive referrals to DUI programs licensed in California. Through these programs, participants receive education, treatment and referrals to other substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services as needed.

ERS (DUI) Training Resources

PC 1000

The Penal Code (PC) 1000 program, formerly a deferred entry of judgment program, is a pretrial diversion program that allows qualifying defendants to plead not guilty to the offences charged and enter a drug treatment program after waiving the right to a jury trial. The PC 1000 program allows a defendant to enter a non-guilty plea and enroll in educational services or treatment instead of serving time in custody.


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