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Los Angeles County
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Childhood Lead Poisoning
Prevention Program (CLPPP)

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Homewoners and Renters

Assuring Safe Practices

California Department of Public Health enforces regulatory compliance for lead hazard evaluations and abatement projects. The primary focus is on locations occupied or visited by children, such as residences and public access buildings. They:

  • Work with local lead poisoning prevention programs and environmental agencies to reduce and eliminate lead hazards and exposures.
  • Conduct desk audits and field inspections and respond to tips and/or complaints from the public about lead hazards.
  • Respond to questions from the general public and provide technical assistance to them and other governmental agencies about regulatory requirements and lead-safe work practices.

Reporting Unsafe Work Practices

The following work practices may create lead hazards when performed on buildings built prior to 1978, or any industrial structure:

  • Open flame burning or torching Machine sanding/grinding without containment Hydro-blasting/pressure washing without containment Abrasive/sand blasting without containment
  • Dry sanding/scraping without containment
  • If you observe any of these unsafe work practices, you can file a complaint here.

Our program can provide lead-safe work practices training to contractors, local government agencies, and property owners/property management companies at no cost. Request a training here.

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