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Problems at a restaurant/food market • Unpermitted food vendors • Rodent problems at a property • Sewage or wastewater discharge at a property • No water at a property • Accumulated trash or debris at a property • Noise complaints • Rental properties that are not maintained • Mosquito breeding or swimming pools that are not maintained • Lead exposure hazards (from lead-based paints, etc.) • Mold in rental housing units • Problems at body art and permanent make-up operations
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Health Officer Orders • Guidances • Testing • Masking • Vaccines • Mobile Clinics • Vaccination Records • Medication.   See COVID-19 Sitemap
Veterinary Public Health: All animal bites to people are legally reportable in LA County except for rodent and rabbit bites. Wild mammal (excluding rodent and rabbit) bites to domestic animals are also reportable. Note that bat bites can be too small to detect. All bat-human or bat-domestic animal interactions should be reported. 
California law mandates that health care providers report over 85 diseases or conditions (including animal bites to humans) to their local health department.
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Careers/Jobs • Employment Verification: For written, email; for verbal, call (323) 659-6563
Public Records Act (PRA) Requests. Our Public Health Investigation Unit is the department’s Custodian of Records.
Where to serve subpoenas. Our Public Health Investigation Unit is the department's Custodian of Records.
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For other LA County services and info, such as housing, shelters, food, medical care, mental health, crisis services, transportation, and more, call 2-1-1, or visit the 211 website.