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Treatment Perceptions Survey Resources

As part of the DMC-ODS waiver evaluation, providers contracted with SAPC are required to administer the client TPS. The information collected will be used to measure adult and youth clients' perceptions of access to services and quality of care. The TPS is required to fulfill the county External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) requirement related to having a valid client survey. The data may also be used by service providers to evaluate and improve the quality of care and client experience. If you have questions, please contact Silvia Tejeda, Ph.D., at

TPS Information Notice and Instructions

The 2022 TPS data collection period is October 17-21, 2022.
SAPC will continue to collect the TPS survey via a secure online survey and paper survey. If both paper and online data collection methods are used, SAPC will merge the data collected into one dataset for each agency.
Online Survey
Clients receiving services from treatment providers whether by telephone or telehealth (e.g., video-conferencing) during the survey period should be given access to the online survey via a weblink. Each link is customized for a specific provider, meaning that the CalOMS Provider ID, Reporting Unit and treatment setting have already been pre-filled in hidden fields. The list of unique provider links will be distributed to providers. Both adults and youth can select among 12 languages (English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Armenian, Cambodian, Hmong, and Farsi) after clicking on the link. Responses entered to the online survey are sent directly to SAPC. The customized links will be active as of October 17, 2022
Paper Survey Forms
Clients receiving services from treatment providers in person during the survey period should be given access to the paper survey or online survey via a weblink. Survey forms for both adults and youth are available in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Armenian, Cambodian, Hmong, and Farsi. In the section at the top of each form, please pre-fill the following information by using either (1) the online "fillable" feature before printing the forms, or a pen (black or blue ink):

  • 6-digit CalOMS Tx Provider ID
  • 10-digit (maximum) Program Reporting Unit ID
  • Treatment setting/modality (If the same Provider ID is used for multiple treatment settings/modalities, prepare separate sets of forms. For example, if two different treatment settings/modalities use the same Provider ID, prepare one set of forms for the Residential clients and another set for the OP/IOP clients.) Print the survey forms directly from the pdf files. Use both sides of the page (double-sided) when printing the two-page forms.

All TPS Paper Survey Forms

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