Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

Executive Briefing Resources
SAPC recently conducted a series of four (4) briefing sessions throughout the Service Planning Areas (between May 12-June 30, 2016) for Executive Directors of contracted substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs on the implementation of the Los Angeles County START Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS).  These sessions built upon information presented at recent provider and stakeholder meetings and outlined the next steps needed for organizations to prepare for the launch of the DMC-ODS demonstration project in Los Angeles County.  To assist with this process, the following resources were shared with participants: (Note: Information has been updated, refer to Network Providers page for final versions.)
    1. Administrative Services Overview PowerPoint Handout
    2. Contracts
      1. CSD START Handout
    3. Finance
      1. Finance DMC-ODS Fact Sheet
      2. Proposed HCPCS
    4. Information Systems
      1. IT DMC-ODS Fact Sheet
    1. Overview
      1. CSB Fact Sheet
      2. DMC-ODS CSB Requirements
    2. Quality Improvement/Utilization Management (QI/UM Documents)
      1. QI/UM Plan
      2. Adult ASAM Full Assessment
      3. Complaint/Grievance/Appeal From with Instructions
      4. Discharge/Transfer Form
      5. Physician Consultation Request Form
      6. Progress Note Template
      7. Service Authorization Request Form
      8. Treatment Plan Form with Instructions
      9. Verification of DMC Eligibility Request Form with Instructions
    3. Clinical Standards and Training (CST) Unit
      1. Training Schedule
    4. Other Materials
      1. MAT Referral Process Report
    1. Capacity Building and Resources Handout
    2. Drug Medi-Cal Waiver FAQ
    3. LAC DMC-ODS Adult and Youth LOC and ASAM Dimensions
    4. LAC SUD Transformation White Paper
    5. Medi-Cal 2020 Excerpt DMC-ODS STCs
    6. START Informational #1 SOC Expansion
    7. START Informational #2 Major Changes
    8. START-ODS Stakeholder Process Plan
    1. Adult System of Care
      1. ASOC Fact Sheet
      2. BAL Definitions
      3. BAL Narrative
      4. OP-IOP Definitions
      5. OP-IOP Narrative
      6. Patient Flow Narrative
      7. Patient Flow Terms Definitions
    2. Prevention
      1. Harrison Prevention Health Fact Sheet
      2. POP Healthcare Reform
      3. Prevention Fact Sheet
    3. Youth
      1. Youth Patient Flow Chart
      2. YSOC Fact Sheet
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