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Influenza Outbreak Prevention and Control Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)


These guidelines were developed to provide an effective approach to the prevention and control of influenza in a SNF setting.  The recommendation and tools in this guideline are intended to assist infection control staff and administrators of SNFs in developing an influenza prevention and control program for their facility.  The guidelines are based on best practices, state and federal influenza guidelines, current literature and the extensive experience of Los Angeles County (LAC) Department of Public Health (DPH) Acute Communicable Disease Control Program (ACDC) and Community Health Services (CHS) staff.

The guidelines provide general information about influenza, a prevention toolkit for SNFs, an outbreak management checklist, line lists for residents and staff, a notification alert template, and health educational materials.

Table of Contents (Appendices referenced from the Influenza Outbreak Prevention and Control Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities)



Influenza Outbreak Prevention and Control Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities, June 2015 (PDF Adobe PDF Document

A comprehensive, evidenced-based guideline that thoroughly describes procedures for managing influenza outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities.

Appendix A: Influenza Vaccination and Masking for Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Toolkit: Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

A guide to increasing flu vaccination among HCP in SNF setting. The toolkit contains content to assist skilled nursing facilities in complying with the Health Officer Order.

Appendix B: Outbreak Management Checklist (Word Adobe PDF Document

The checklist offers a list of tasks that are essential in managing influenza outbreaks within skilled nursing facility setting.

Appendix C: Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection for Influenza GENERAL FACT SHEET (PDF Adobe PDF Document

This fact sheet provides guidance on environmental cleaning and disinfection for influenza outbreaks.

Appendix D: Influenza-like Illness Case Line-List Form: Residents (Excel, PDF) Adobe PDF Document  Staff (Excel, PDF) Adobe PDF Document

The line list can be used to organize and track influenza or influenza-like illness cases/contacts in outbreak situations.

Appendix E: Respiratory Disease Outbreak Notification Alert Template (Word) Adobe PDF Document This sample template can be customized and used to notify residents, their families, and visitors of the potential for exposure to influenza during an outbreak situation at the health care facility.

Appendix F: LAC DPH Influenza Health Educational Materials for SNFs

1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Influenza in Skilled Nursing Facilities for HCP (English/Spanish) Adobe PDF Document  and Residents & Visitors (English/Spanish Adobe PDF Document

2. Poster: Protect Your Residents, Your Co-workers, and Yourself (English/Spanish)   Adobe PDF Document

3. Poster: Visitors Are Welcome But the Flu is Not (English/Spanish) Adobe PDF Document

4. Poster: Customizable Poster Regarding Masking (English only) Adobe PDF Document 


These health education materials are available at LAC DPH ACDC Website

1. The FAQ sheet is provided as a quick reference to the most commonly asked questions about the Influenza in Skilled Nursing Facilities

2. This poster can be used to educate employees about flu vaccination.

3. This poster can be used to remind visitors not to visit patient/resident when they are sick with flu symptoms.

4. This poster can be customized and used to remind HCP to get vaccinated or wear a mask.


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