Water Watchers in Los Angeles County

Water Watcher Program for Safe Swimming at Pools and Open Water

Providing constant supervision over young swimmers is an important responsibility and can help prevent drownings or near drownings. Unfortunately, tragedies often occur in group settings because people assume someone else is supervising the children in the water.

Designate a Water Watcher, a responsible adult whose sole duty is to supervise children in the pool until the next person takes over.

Water Watcher Responsibilities and Pledge

When an adult agrees to be a Water Watcher, they should pledge to do the following:

Water Watcher Card and Lanyard

To clearly identify who is your Water Watcher, it is best to create a Water Watcher card that can be attached to a lanyard or ribbon. As Water Watchers rotate, pass the card to the next person. Print Your Water Watcher Card .

Water Watcher Card with Lanyard
Photo Courtesy of American Red Cross

Additional Water Watcher Information and Resources

Report a Problem

If you observe code violations or would like to report an issue you may call the call center at (888) 700-9995 or to the Recreational Waters program at (626) 430-5360 or File a Complaint Online. In addition, inquiries can also be emailed to rhealth@ph.lacounty.gov

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