Environmental Health conducts routine inspections and/or complaint investigations at commercial, residential and public sites throughout the County in an effort to protect the public’s health. Although our food and housing inspection programs are the most recognizable, the department also monitors X-ray machines and other radiologic devices, beaches and swimming pools, small water systems, sanitary landfills, massage parlors, tattoo parlors, theaters, laundries, and more.

To inquire about our inspections, request general information, or make a complaint, please contact the appropriate program telephone number listed below.

To contact our Food or Housing Inspection Offices:

  1. Call the general number listed below and you will be referred to the office in your area; or
  2. Find the District Offices in your area.

General Contact Information

Administrative Headquarters:



Office Hours

General Services Contact
Food Facilities & Events Retail food facilities (restaurants, markets, bakeries, etc.) and food vending at farmers' markets, swap meets, carnivals, fairs, and other temporary events. School cafeterias. Pet food stores Customer Call Center
Foodborne illness. Wholesale, manufacturing and distributing establishments. Wholesale Food & Safety Program
Food caterers. Cottage food operations. Specialized Food Services Program
Mobile food vehicles and carts (lunch trucks, produce trucks, ice cream trucks, etc.) Mobile Food Program
Housing & Commercial Public Places Apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and private homes. Customer Call Center
Self-service laundries, theaters, commercial buildings, vacant lots, etc.
Hotels, motels, dormitories, private schools, and other institutions. Lodging & Institutions Program
Pools Public swimming pools, health clubs, spas, etc. Recreational Waters Program
Swimming pools at apartment complexes, condominiums, and single family homes. Customer Call Center
Plan Check Retail Food Facilities Plan Check Program
Wholesale/Processing Food
Food Vehicles
Swimming Pools Recreational Waters Program
Other Services Contact
Sewage Spill Response & Ocean Monitoring Recreational Waters Program
Small Water Systems Drinking Water Program
Backflow Prevention Cross Connection and Water Pollution Control Program
City & County Jails, Probation Camps Community Health Program
Dumps/Landfills Solid Waste Inspection & Enforcement Program
Garment Manufacturing Community Health Program
Inspection Quality Quality Assurance Program
Lead, Healthy Homes, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevetion Program
Massage Parlors Customer Call Center
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program
Public & Industry Outreach Community & Industry Engagement Program
Permits & Licenses Permits & Licensing Program
Radiologic & X-ray Equipment Radiation Management Program
Rodents & Insects Vector Management Program
Tattoos, Body Art Community Health Program
Waste Haulers Solid Waste Permit & Surveillance Program
Wells & Water Supply Drinking Water Program

NOTE: Three cities in Los Angeles County have their own independent health departments. For these cities, please refer environmental issues to their Environmental Health Department. The cities and telephone numbers are listed as follows: