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Fresh water is a limited resource, especially in California. One way to make our fresh water supply last longer is by treating and reusing wastewater for specific regulated activities. There are many regulations and requirements for each step of this process. Several programs regulate this process.

The Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program of the Environmental Health Division reviews and approves onsite wastewater treatment systems. This is done to protect groundwater sources from contamination. Click the link below to learn more. The Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program also reviews and approves OWTS under the provisions of the LAMP to residents of unincorporated county areas and contracted cities.

The Cross Connections Program of the Environmental Health Division is responsible for the oversight of recycled water re-use sites from the planning stage through final approval. The program approves Title 22 recycled water projects in Los Angeles County.

To search public records for your property or septic system, click the link below.

To learn more about requirements for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems and private water wells when re-building a replacement dwelling following a fire or other natural disaster, select the following options: