About Certified Backflow Testers

In order to protect our drinking water quality and prevent the spread of infectious disease and other contaminants, mechanical backflow prevention assemblies are utilized to prevent used, unclean or contaminated water or substances from entering the potable / domestic water system. To prevent contamination, it may be necessary to install testable backflow prevention assemblies to prevent backflow from occurring. In Los Angeles County, these assemblies must be tested every year by a backflow tester certified by the County of Los Angeles.

Any individual who tests, repairs or installs testable backflow prevention assemblies within the County of Los Angeles must possess a current Los Angeles County backflow tester certification.

Find a Certified Backflow Tester

The Cross Connections & Water Pollution Control Program is responsible for certifying all backflow testers in Los Angeles County, which includes administering the initial certification test and renewing\recertifying backflow testers every two years.

All certified backflow testers that work anywhere in the County of Los Angeles must be certified by the Department of Public Health – Cross Connection & Water Pollution Control Program.

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