Community Resources for Environmental Health

We all deserve clean and healthy places to live, work, and play. Los Angeles County and other local agencies have a behind-the-scenes crew working to keep our communities safe from conditions that can harm health. We permit and regularly inspect apartment buildings, restaurants, industrial sites, and many other places to make sure they are safe. But it can be hard for us to know about new problems as they happen. You can help by reporting problems as soon as you notice them.

Check out our Poisons and Health Hazards page for inforamtion about health effects of toxin exposure.

Follow the links below to find out more about how conditions in your community affect your health and how to report problems.

Problem in Your Home

No matter where you live, you deserve a clean and healthy home...

Find out how you can protect your family

Problem in Your Community

We all deserve to live in a clean, healthy community, no matter...

Report problems

Environmental Health Equity

The zip code that you live in can determine a lot about...

How the environment affects your health