Laboratory Reporting
Ways to report lab results
  1. Preferred Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) -- connect your laboratory information system directly to the public health surveillance data center, and activate an Electronic Lab Reporting link. This is a lengthy process, but has important advantages in accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and ongoing labor savings. This mechanism is currently operational for general communicable diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases. It will be operational for tuberculosis testing in the near future. It is not yet available for HIV reporting. Reporting of blood lead levels is via a special program administered through the State of California.

    If you are interested in ELR call: 213-989-7208.

  2. Report cases into the vCMR Community Reporting Module web-based system. This method is best for the small lab that identifies only a few reportable conditions weekly, and is available for all reportables except TB, HIV, and Lead. . Please contact Nelson Saravia, 213-989-7208 for information about setting up your account.

  3. Use the standard Confidential Disease Reporting forms.
    1. For most diseases, use CMR form, attach a copy of your lab report and fax to 1-888-397-3778
    2. For STD, use the STD lab form, attach a copy of your lab report, and fax to (213) 749-9602
    3. For TB, use the TB lab form, attach a copy of your lab report, and fax to (213) 749-0926
If you have further questions about reporting laboratory results, please contact Automated Disease Surveillance Systems at (213) 989-7208