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FDA Warns Consumers about Use of "Litargirio" -Traditional Remedy that Contains Dangerous Levels of Lead

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public not to use "LITARGIRIO" for any health-related or personal purposes. Litargirio is a yellow- or peach-colored powder manufactured by Rolden, Ferreira, and possibly other laboratories in the Dominican Republic. It has no proven health benefits and, because of its high lead content, poses health risks when used in contact with the skin or ingested. These risks are particularly serious for children.

The powder has been used as a deodorant, a foot fungicide, a treatment for burns and wound healing, and for other purposes as a traditional remedy, particularly by people from the Dominican Republic. It contains up to 79 % lead - a highly toxic substance that can cause permanent neurological damage in children. The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program warns consumers not to use Litargirio.

"LITARGIRIO" is sold in 2-inch by 3-inch clear packets by convenience and specialty stores catering to Spanish-speaking customers - particularly those from the Dominican Republic.

FDA advises the public to:

Stop all personal use of "LITARGIRIO" immediately.

Place unused product in a sealable container or plastic bag and contact your local sanitation/waste department regarding appropriate methods for disposal.

Thoroughly wash hands and any other body parts that may have come in contact with the powder. Wash affected household surfaces with soap and hot water.

Ask a health care provider to test children or pregnant/nursing women for lead poisoning if they have been exposed to "LITARGIRIO".

For more information, please call the Los Angeles County Public Health Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

1 (800) LA-4-LEAD

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