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This page is to inform you of the requirements for retail food facilities including restaurants, markets, bakeries, and bars located within the unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County and the cities that have adopted County Ordinance 97-0071.

Cities that have adopted the Restaurant/Market Grading System


The following placards are provided by Environmental Health and must be posted in an area clearly visible to patrons/public, as determined by the inspector:

  • Grade/Score Cards
  • Public Notification
  • Notice of Closure


Each food inspection begins with 100 points. As a health inspector conducts an inspection, the appropriate sub-categories in the Critical Risk Factors and the Good Retail Practices Section on the Retail Food Official Inspection Report (FOIR) will be marked. The sub-categories have been assigned a specific point value based on the associated public health risk of the violation. This point value is deducted from the 100 points. (Refer to the Reference Guide for the Food Official Inspection Report for more detailed explanations of these sections.)

Beginning of the Inspection 100 points
Total Points Deducted - __________
Remaining Points Grade or Score

A grade (A, B, C) or score card will be issued to each facility at the end of all routine inspections. The card issued will be based upon the score received on the Retail Food Official Inspection Report. The grading is calculated as follows:

90 to 100 points A Generally superior in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance.
80 to 89 points B Generally good in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance.
70 to 79 points C Generally acceptable in food handling practices and overall general food facility maintenance.
0 to 69 points Score Poor in food handling practices and overall general food facility maintenance.

A facility receiving a score less than seventy percent (70%) will be issued a score card and not a grade card. The score card will indicate the actual score received.

The grade/score cards must remain posted until the next routine inspection, at which time the inspector will issue a new grade/score card.

All food facilities that have a critical violation may be subject to closure regardless of the score received on the inspection report. Food facilities that score below seventy percent (70%) twice within a twelve (12) month period are subject to closure and further legal action.


The public notification sign provides the address and phone number for the local Environmental Health office. The sign states: "All public health questions/concerns regarding this food facility should be directed to the local Environmental Health office." The sign must remain posted at all times.


A notice of closure sign is posted by the inspector after a food facility has been directed closed. The sign will be posted on the entrance door and will state the reason(s) for closure. The sign must remain posted until the facility is reopened by the inspector.


A copy of the most recent inspection report(s) must be available for review by the public if requested.

For questions or complaints, contact the Environmental Health Hotline at (888) 700-9995.

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